Aspects Of Time

It amazes me how much the subject of time directly affects most, if not all, of our behaviors towards our daily routines and thought patterns.  It ends up dictating our monotonous scheduling and even motivation ratio levels.  I have observed multitudes of time being wasted. People are waiting for something to happen, but often times it doesn’t.

Why must we allow any bit of our valuable/limited time here on earth to get like this?  During these times our laziness begins to formulate,  allowing inconclusive projects to not be handled properly. They are instead, just collecting dust on a desk.  We decide for ourselves that others will take care of our particular situation{s} in the moment.  That laziness tries all so passionately to tear us apart.  What choices do we need to go to, during such insanity? Productivity and proper managing of your time bank is important.  How you choose to let it impact you is up to you.

If you honestly ask yourself how well you spend your time, it most likely will challenge you to think a little bit.  For each topic bellow, write an honest percentage!

Social Media = _%

Being aware of your surroundings = _%

Entertainment = _%

Earnestly Trying To Learn = _%

Budgeting = _%

Wasting = _%

How I choose to divide my time is by looking at what’s most important to me for that day.  In most cases, I tend to spend a lot of my day focusing on encouraging people online and in real life.  The reasons why I do these types of things, devoting mountainous amounts of time online, specifically, is due to my set goals of assisting people who have dreams and accomplishments.  I feel like I can educate them in the online world to set task analysis, a call to action, and encouraging them to see it through.  Most of these ideas are pretty realistic, so my time is not easily wasted.

I want to challenge you to use your time well. Be encouraged to proactively emulate positive reflections for others to witness. Being able to look back on your adventures should inspire people all around to also use their time well!

Leave your thoughts on this post below!

‘Till Next Time

-William Macanack-


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