2017, Book, Conventions And More

Let me start off by saying, Happy NEW YEARS.

It’s yet another year filled with challenges, experiences and unbelievable opportunities. I am so proud to announce my book “You Matter and it’s release date. I’ve been working very avidly to get it out ASAP. Realistically it will be out March 15th 2017 so mark your calendars! The book will feature my growing up years and the trials I’ve had to go through to become who I am today and I’m really excited to share that with you all ❤

The book will launch on my ETSY page for PRE ORDER and on shipping day; will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other varies places.

Me and Joel will be Attending Play List Live Orlando from Thursday through that Monday of May unless anything changes, well keep you posted. You never know I might just have a few copies of my book with me???

I’m  excited for this years playlist. In all honestly I’m PUMPED To hang out with you all. On Friday of playlist well be in Starbucks at 10 AM with our good YouNow friend BETHANY.

I am so stoked for what else 2017 has stored for us and I hope you all have an amazing year too ❤


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