What is up everyone and it has been a really lime.  Let me give you a brief update about what has been going on since we last spoke.A few months ago I announced one of the biggest updates in my entire life thus far.  I would be publishing a book in April and lets just say I jumped way ahead of myself.  Here’s the deal regarding the matter, I wasn’t aware how long the process of publishing can really take and it’s driving me mad.

My new plans are to have it sent to the publisher anywhere from now and Sunday evening “NO LATER.”  Once it is sent than it will take a week – two to receive a soft cover for review.  This test copy should be  good enough to be sold.  Second I’ll order a bulk order during next week to fill the amount of inventory that I need.  I than will announce the shipping date when the pre orders are projected to hit everyone’s notification boxes.  This will convey when I’ll have your book in and when it will be shipped to you.  I will have the books before the shipping date is announced.

I will be heading down to South Carolina for kind of a promotional trip to air on the new show Late Night Web Show for the world premiere for my book in October.  My plan is for it to be shipped a few days or a week before airing on the show to hype up everyone.

As far as my pathetic uploading schedule goes.  I’m fully aware of my inactivity and haven’t really enjoyed making newer videos for awhile.  During my hiatus I was looking at securing a better job employment that is more suitable to my skill set.  It is so frustrating trying to fit in with something that you enjoy and are well supporting your bills with.  None the less i’m doing everything I can to get to a place that’s more ideal to my dream job.  I will admit that everything I do should be an blessing to go through and if that means doing stuff to pass by time for now, i’m OK with that.

While my time away from a corporate job you’d think I would be cranking videos a ton more faster right?  Quite the opposite, for i was dealing with depression the longer I went without making anything sustainable.  I  will be quitting my procrastinating habits for a passion of mine.  In October close to my book release, I will be cranking videos out a lot more while I record more before then, so I can be consistent again to weekly uploads.

I’ll be more active on Patreon/Twitter and my Discord so much more and will hold myself accountable to what I say.

So I want to know more of what types of videos that you would like to see from me?  What kinds of ways can I be more inclusive to all of your lives!

Thanks again so much for your continuous support as I am forever grateful.



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